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Staff are a vital part of how our convention operates. We rely on volunteers to dedicate their time and expertise to our convention to help make a great experience for everyone to enjoy.

Things we look for in a Good Staff Member.

  1. Energetic and Willing to help the Convention and the Fandom
  2. Prompt and Responsive when performing their duties
  3. Your willingness to try something new.

We are diverse and new.

Furrydelphia was established in 2017 by a group of Philly Locals who wanted a convention in their backyard. For most of us, this was the biggest show we've ever put on, and even more so it was some of our first shows we've put on. We're looking for people who want to grow with us, and more importantly try something new with this convention, not stick to the same old boring shows.

We have flexible schedules and time commitments.

We understand people come to these conventions to have fun, which is why we work with our staff to make sure they get to enjoy every bit of the convention that they want to see. We require 16-18 hours of time throughout the course of the convention weekend, but most of our staffers stay on for the majority of the weekend!

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of us are Locals!

Furrydelphia Departments

Here is a list of Departments in Furrydelphia that you can sign up to assist with.


Our first line of interaction with attendees: Registration! Here staffers man the terminals and collect the appropriate information from attendees to get them registered and into the convention space!

Attendee Services

Our Info Desk and Break-fix Department during the weekend, our staff in Attendee Services know the convention inside and out. Staffers in this department fill in for other department needs and assist attendees in finding the right place and time for their events.

Public Safety

Our Public Safety and Medical teams are here to help attendees feel safe and protected in the con space. From resolving disputes to taking care of injuries, our public safety teams complete their work with resolve and a friendly attitude.

Video Gaming

From modern to retro, we have it all! Our Video Gaming staff take pride in working with our gaming vendors as well as our space vendors to ensure we have enough pixels to go around.

Turns out we had a really hard time getting an image for board gaming this year, so that's why this is from main events. If you have a picture of the board gaming room from 2019 that you'd like to share tweet me @fluffsune <3

Board Gaming

Cards to castles, and dungeons to dark, moon-light nights; our Board Gaming staff have a passion for making words. Our Board Gaming staff act as hosts for gaming sessions as well as keeping track of lent-out games for all to enjoy. So whether you like hosting a game of werewolf or running a round of CaH, we're looking for you!


Marketplace is home to our Dealers Den, Artist Alley, and Con Store Staff. Marketplace staff help run the con store as well as checking in dealers and cashing out artists. If you have a face for retail without the stress of... well, retail, come stop by and spend some time!

A/V & Main Events

A/V is the Main Events crew that handle the sound, the lights, and the voices coming from the Main Events stage! We work with performers as well as the venue to make sure that your show is exciting and full of energy!

Information Technology

Keeping the con running, IT commands the wi-fi, networking, VoIP, and Registration systems running! IT responsibilities involve both during con and outside of convention work to make sure the event runs smoothly. Technical Note: We mainly work with Python/JS, Linux, Ubiquiti, and Asterisk!

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